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We are all very familiar with the phrase “Don’t talk to me before my coffee” because it is clearly understood that we are in a better, happier and much more helpful mood AFTER we have our coffee. For non-coffee drinkers, this is the equivalent to “my tea” or “my beer”, you get the idea!  If you are an Entrepreneur, Professor, Doctor, Nurse, Actor, Writer, Musician, Lawyer, etc, If you are in school, out of school. If you are a mom/dad, a son/daughter, or just simply a human, this show is for YOU!

During the show, different guest from different backgrounds will sit and chat over a cup of coffee about different topics.  The conversations will vary based on the guest, focusing on life experiences, successes, struggles and how they overcame them… the REAL talk … The stuff people don’t normally say on interviews but that makes them so relatable.

Through the “real talk” approach we hope that listeners can hear themselves in the guest’s voice and hopefully find some inspiration and/or motivation to continue to push forward on goals…Because sometimes all we need is a nice cup of coffee and a laid back chat in order to recharge and keep moving forward.

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